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December at Birch Hills

We are all finally slightly recovered from all the Turkey we ate and now it's time to for us to switch into shopping mode.  Gift Cards to play golf or hit range balls at Birch Hills are a great stocking stuffer (wink, wink).

Being from Colorado I will certainly miss the traditional Holiday weather...snow, fireplaces, hot cocoa.  But I also have a feeling I'll get used to the sunshine and not having to put on 26 layers of clothing every morning!  And I doubt anybody has ever missed scraping their windshield in the morning.  Besides, putting up Christmas lights while it's 20 below zero isn't any fun once the frostbite really kicks in!  So I suppose the sunshine and warmth could be a better alternative.  It certainly is more conducive of playing golf. 

We hope to see everyone here at the course this Holiday Season.  You have to take a break from shopping, after all.   Happy Holidays!